Thursday, August 11, 2011

4 New Shows Posted

Today we have posted four new shows taped this week. The shows are timely and loaded with information for you our readers and you who watch our show "The Fabulous Fifties and Beyond".
The new shows are:
1. McCracken County-Paducah City Merger. Merger of McCracken County and Paducah City is a hot political topic. Jim and Jeannetta Pollard speak with Tom Garrett, Vice Chair of the Joint Merger Commission. Garrett tries to dispel some of the myths and rumors about the proposed merger.
2. What Did You Say? Are you being accused of mumbling? Do you know someone who is constantly turning up the volume to the television set? Hearing loss can be a difficult stigma for adults to overcome. Learn about hearing loss and the various ways to deal with this problem. Jim and Jeanetta Pollard speak with Mike Stone, BCHIS, President and Owner of Stone-Lang Company.
3. Easter Seal Art Show and Auction. The 6th Annual Heart & Soul Art Celebration is just around the corner. Join various artists on Thursday, Sept. 29th from 6pm until 8pm at LowerTown Paducah's Madison Hall. West Kentucky Community & Technical College's Culinary Arts Department is providing the heavy hors d'oeuvres.
You'll have the opportunity to purchase a masterpiece at the live and silent art auction featuring the works of local artists and Easter Seals adults. Jim and Jeanetta Pollard speak with Stephanie Benjamin and Diana Davenport of Easter Seals West Kentucky.
4. Frauds and Schemes. Frauds, schemes, swindling, deceit, tricks, rip-offs: these things are on the rise especially in the elderly demographic. How can you help combat this growing epidemic? Jim and Jeanetta Pollard speak with Malinda Elrod-Baltz, Investigative Assistant for the Paducah Police Department. Learn things to watch out for. If it's too good to be true, then you are probably being scammed.

We hope you learn from and enjoy all the shows.

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