Saturday, June 02, 2007

TV Show Fabulous Fifties now streamed on internet!


Thanks to WKCTC upgrading their equipment our TV show The Fabulous Fifties and Beyond is now on the internet. You can view and download the weekly shows at

The following is a list of the current shows.

Will Graham Celebration - July 2, 2007, September 14-16 at Paducah's Expo Center is the site for the Four Rivers Will Graham Celebration. (View Show) (Download)

Caring People Services - June 25, 2007, This program discusses the different type of services now available to the elderly in the Western Kentucky area. (View Show) (Download)

The Season of Our Lives - June 18, 2007, Relive the adventures of retired Missionaries Norman and Patty Wallace.(View Show) (Download)

Judy Askew, Author - June 11, 2007, Judy Askew's humorous writings will keep you smiling. (View Show) (Download)

Western Baptist Heart Center - June 4, 2007, Heart Problems discussed and the grand opening of the Baptist Heart Center are the topics. (View Show) (Download)

Family Caregiving - May 29, 2007, Jim & Jeanetta discuss family caregiving with Nancy Harper.(View Show) (Download)

Disaster Preparedness - May 22, 2007, Jim & Jeanetta discuss disaster preparedness with Tina Massengill.(View Show) (Download)

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