Monday, September 06, 2010

Anti-Aging For Dummies

Anti-Aging For Dummies

Want to live a long and healthy life while successfully preventing the appearance of aging on your skin? Before embarking on an anti-aging regimen, treatment of products, you must first be able to properly manage your expectations.

First of all, aging is a natural process and an obsession against aging isn't healthy. However, it is quite important and beneficial to try to maintain health and promote longevity by staying generally healthy. Health maintains youthfulness and it ensures that you won't grow old or show signs of it before it is absolutely time.

Next, you must understand that anti-aging management needs to be handled through several lifestyle enhancements and aging problems can't be solved miraculously by a pill or panacea. Health and well being is achieved only through the existence of balance among three components needed in your life and these are: mental health; physical health; and emotional health.

Healthy body

The physical health aspect is achieved with constant proper nutrition and regular exercise. Keeping the body healthy and functioning healthily ensures that its processes aren't disrupted. Disruption in bodily functions caused by poor health and the predisposition to illnesses causes damage in cell tissues and this accumulated damage is what we call aging.

Healthy mind

When we age we lose irreplaceable brain cells. In fact, in old age, damages to the brain begin to manifest itself in the form of dementia. While is a natural fact of life that we will indeed lose brain cells along the way, there are certain stimuli and factors that speed up the loss of brain cells and affect our mental faculties. Aside from keeping an open mind and trying to continue to learn as we grow older, proper nutrition and physical exercise are essential to maintaining the brain's health.

Healthy feelings

Our emotions are actually a result of the chemical reactions in our body. Certain chemicals and hormones are triggered depending on the stimuli we experience, These chemicals and hormones then send signals to the brain and our cognitive functions then in turn dictate our emotions. This is why it is important to combine mental and physical health.

A good balance between the two ensures a healthy well being. If we are unable to control our emotions we may succumb to stress. which in turn has the power to alter our overall health. Stress takes a toll on our body and makes us act irrationally.

It is important that we remain active. Write a book, paint a picture, make a piece of pottery, volunteer at your local hospital, do something.

"Remember Use It or Lose It"

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