Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Elder Care Survival Guide book review

The Elder Care Survival Guide, by Martin Sabel is must reading when you are faced with the task of taking care an aging parent or parents . The sub-title "Your Essential Guide to Surviving the Emotional, Financial, Health, and Family Challenges of Caring for Aging Parents, says it all. This book thoroughly and comprehensively covers each of the topics listed in the sub-title.

Martin's chapter titles include:
  1. Do Your Parents Really Reed Your Help?
  2. Two Unspoken Rules of Caregiving
  3. How To Turn Resistance Into Cooperation
  4. Find The Right Help Fast!
  5. Four Ways To Minimize Family Conflict
  6. How To Create Instant Help: The Three List Method
  7. The Secret Weapon of Successful Family Caregivers
  8. Money Pressures and How to Deal With Them
  9. What Long Term Care Really Cost: How To Afford It
  10. Smart Ways To Tap Home Equity
  11. But I Thought Medicare Paid For That!
  12. Six Rules For Avoiding Caregiver Burnout
  13. Moving Forward With Confidence
All the topics are vital to you the caregiver maintaining you health and sanity. Your health and sanity is the most often overlooked part of caregiving. Remember if the caregiver becomes sick, then there are two to take of.

The Resource Directory, alone is worth the price of the book. Sabel has put together one of the most through list I have ever seen. On the list he covers everything for the goverment agencies to the private and non-profit agencies.

During this time of economic turmoil a book like "The Elder Care Survival Guide", by Martin Sabel is one that is needed to put us on the right road of care giving and keep us there.

I hardily endorse and recommend this book.

You can get this book The Elder Care Survival Guide Do it now.

Jim Pollard

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